Reboot – Let Go


What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?*


For now, I let go of the traditional cubicle grid that I have affectionately called “cubeopolis” since 2007.

This post is part of Reverb – 2014 Reboot.

In 1994, I started my own environmental management consulting practice. After 13 (happy) years of consulting, I chose to re-join the traditional workspace in September 2007.

dressdown shirl_nov2007
November 2007 among the cubicles

Then, in April 2014, I quit my job (over here).

Why? . . . Cultural Fit

(I have let go of other work positions throughout my professional development; I shared two of my “pivot” career moments over here, including about this one.)

When I let go in April, my formal written response on a filled-out, cubeopolis form included this –

… I have experienced a need to seek
and create other opportunities
with a better cultural fit for me.
Thank you for the opportunity.

Cultural fit. For me, this means being in a space to engage my creativity while doing above and beyond assigned project work; it’s pretty simple, it would seem. Interestingly for me, the following was my December 2010 let go with Reverb 10 –

I will create space in my life to connect others and to serve,
while not losing sight of my mission, vision, and values.

– which was my intent for engaging in my cubeoplis.

Thoughts When I Chose to Re-Cubeopolis in 2007 …

I was generally aware of the obvious differences of being an entrepreneur re-entering a more structured work environment. The obvious one – working during an established timeframe to sit in a cubicle with shared walls.

Being aware is not the same as being prepared.

office pic collage2
yup. my cubicle (and stimpy). visual stimulation or clutter? who’s judging?

Two weeks after I re-joined cubeopolis, I wrote a blog post where I shared several thoughts. The following is an excerpt from that September 2007 post –

  • Authenticity & Covering – I think about this more and more, lately. Comments have been made … that one’s profession defines one’s values. … ability to seek and for those with the desire to obtain a job that allows his/her expression of his/her values. Conversely, for some, a job is simply a job – a set of duties, responsibilities, etc.
    • judgment
    • stereotyping / profiling
    • self-expression
    • mission / vision
  • Structure – The structure of a traditional 8-hour work day is very different from my prolonged weaving-in-and-out an 8-hour work day. In fact, I find the 8-hour tradition much more tiring effort … over the course of what appears a 12-14 hour work day with my own business, I extract the 6-8 + hours of billable (and/or non-billable) work amidst a yoga class, shopping, lunch, kickboxing, reading, power-napping, pedicure, whatever.
    • body’s natural rhythm
    • authority
    • cubicle existence
  • Business ownership undone – It is apples and oranges to compare the two. I know there are many-many-many books about the joys of leaving corporate america to pursue business ownership/self-employment. I’d like to see what
    • civil service as a noble effort
    • transferring & exchanging knowledge
    • learning new things
  • Never say never – I did. Look where I am now .. when I had once said I never would ever be once again.
    • clichés may mean something
  • Social life unfolds – Living in the suburb … and working in San Francisco certainly will affect my social life. As I left on the voice mail message to my friend Reggie on day 1 when I drove in to work with a few books and heavy items for my cubicle existence, “I am boy crazy! I dig that I’m at a stop light, so I can watch [the boys] cross the street.”
    • dating
    • faves galore to explore – restaurants, stores, boutiques, galleries, events, parking lots, etc.
    • reconnecting – lots of old friends work & live in the city

Discovering More “Why?”

As mentioned, when I let go, I knew it was to seek a better cultural fit. Since then, I am restarting my consulting practice, starting a coaching practice, and pursuing anthrocubeology. And beyond being an Engineer, I am a Behavior Designer, a Servant Leader, and an Improviser.

Small or large – what (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

*prompt from Reverb10, Author Alice Bradley

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