Refresher – Behavior Design with BJ Fogg

BJ Fogg’s Behavior Design Workshop crew (Sept 2018)

September 2018 Behavior Design Workshop/Masterclass

I attended the full-day, most recent offering last Friday of BJ Fogg’s Behavior Design offerings.

It has been more than 6 years (June 2012) since I learned about behavior design.

Not only have I been applying behavior design in different areas of my life and coaching others but I also am among the first of folks to become a Certified Tiny Habits® Coach back in Nov 2013. I donate my time to the Tiny Habits Academy and BJ Fogg for coaching folks through the 5-Day Tiny Habits Program, where participation is free.

I have the best of both worlds!


How does boot camp of 6 years ago compare to the masterclass?

Now more aptly called Behavior Design Boot Camp (rather than Persuasion Boot Camp), a 2-day event, Fogg also offers half- and full-day workshops and masterclasses.

In my opinion and from what I recall of my 2-day boot camp experience, while the full-day has similar content as the 2-day boot camp, there are a few differences. The longer duration of camp provides for more time to interact with folks. Also, boot camp was a different pace of delivering information. Having an opportunity to dine with each other after the first day was a real treat.

What I enjoyed about the workshop – learning about the evolution of Fogg’s research and content delivery – especially the added benefit of more teach back time with other participants (different from back in the day). This was helpful for the stickiness of the material.

Fogg book in 2019 

On the horizon, BJ shared that he has a work-in-progress – writing pursuit – Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything, scheduled to be published in 2019.

Snaptest with David

During the workshop, it was a treat to hear BJ mention my friend, David Ngo who is founder of Behavior Delta, as the snap test guru < – – – Okay, “guru” is my word, nonetheless, BJ did mention David as the snaptest fellow.



“Behavior happens when …”
Want to know? Let me share with you!

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