On Becoming

(Meet me over here)


I have always been fascinated daily by human beings’ interactions while growing up as a child, weathering the educational system, participating in consumerism and advocacy, and simply being a taxpaying member of society –

  • schooled in Chemical Engineering (ChemE) yet rarely have I been asked to (nor should I be trusted to) ChemE-ize anything
  • not formally schooled in anthropology – yet often an observer fascinated by people and surroundings
  • not formally schooled in organizations – yet I’ve been in several organizations often fascinated by the occasional flavor of the month leadership, training, and professional development pursuits

I am less interested in understanding which organizational systems work better than others and more interested in how a human being behaves to establish meaningful interactions for cultural shifts.

I continue to discover that who I am must not be lost in how I express myself in cubeopolis. I have a choice. And this means others have a choice.

While I have often been told that one cannot change a workplace culture, I believe that one person can make a difference. Many know that the two coexist in cubeopolis, so I ask – what choices are others making in cubeopolis?


ANTHROCUBELOGIST … from my coined word over here, it’s about discovering how people interact in the workplace (and the broader workspace) in order to understand how workspace cultural shifts occur.

I am interested in why some people enjoy cubeopolis more than others – intrigued by how people interact, what choices people make, when people make transitions, and who influences these people.

Somewhere among the organizational trends that ebb and flow (e.g., reorganizing, restructuring, redefining), individuals’ personal development endeavors, and tools that connect people, it goes without saying that on ANY GIVEN DAY, someone is asking in disbelief – “WTF CUBEOPOLIS?!”

Through my self-paced, self-reflection, and self-guided lifelong learning, I am the self-proclaimed ANTHROCUBEOLOGIST – embracing my ChemE geekiness as I maneuver and make sense of the workspace.

And rather than through the science of thermodynamics, kinetics, and mass transfer, I am exploring the world of cubesters’ interactions, workspaces, and choices in and about cubeopolis through improvisation, behavior design, and servant leadership.

It’s time – it has been time.
I am here to explore, discover, and share
observations and perspectives of others’ and mine.

One thought on “On Becoming

  1. I’m studying organizational behavior as part of my MBA and just got so excited reading your blog! I love that you are more interested in: “how a human being behaves to establish meaningful interactions for cultural shifts”. It is humans that make up organizations and organizational culture. Understanding interactions at this atomic level is key to understanding and facilitating organizational change.

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