Meet Shirley

SRivera_greenbackgroundThanks for joining me as I explore, observe, and share perspectives – those of mine and others – on creating cultural shifts. How, when, and why a person chooses to behave in a particular manner is what interests me – especially in workspaces. I call this anthrocubeology.

Through self-mentoring and lifelong learning activities, I am ever reminded that by taking care of one’s self, we can support and serve those around us – including those in our workspaces.

I believe with personal, tiny changes emerge meaningful shifts. I believe workspace cultural shifts happen when one chooses meaningful interactions – creating human-to-human shared experiences. I believe each person can make a difference.

Glad you dropped by …

With more than 25 years in the workforce, I have many lessons learned and more to come. After receiving a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, I held 4 positions in the energy and environmental industry sector within the first 8 years of my career. It wasn’t until my fifth position, when I started my own consulting business, that I worked for more than 3 years – the longest time I spent at a job up until 1994. Traditional 9-5 employee, over-worked consultant, and business owner and entrepreneur – these are the over-arching roles I have experienced in the workforce.

I have learned the value of the humanities, arts, and social sciences – the core of running a business and interacting with people. While my engineering background continues to serve me well, being a performing improviser continues to teach me the value of applied psychology, organizational development, human resources, and design thinking. Deciding not to go back for an advanced degree, my over-flowing bookshelves and my participating in various workshops and classes reflect my self-designed curriculum and my curiosity in many non-engineering related topics.

My Personal, Meaningful Shift …

I left a traditional 9-5 job in April 2014 to restart my environmental/air quality consulting practice and pursue anthrocubeology. Beyond being an Engineer, I am a Behavior Designer, a Servant Leader, and an Improviser.  As a Behavior Designer, I help create systems and structures to support human behavior changes and habits. I am a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach and a graduate of Dr. BJ Fogg’s Behavior Design Boot Camp. I help people understand how to create lasting habits to achieve their personal goals. My Servant Leader philosophy has been influenced by the teachings of Robert Greenleaf and the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. And as a performing Improviser, I also apply improv to non-performance contexts; this includes speaking at and participating in events for organizational and leadership development, leading and creating workshops, and coaching for one’s personal and professional development and one’s improved self-awareness.

Anthrocubeology emerges …

I have maneuvered the spoken and unspoken rules of the workspace throughout my career. I have experienced and/or witnessed both good/bad, fair/unfair, and legal/illegal experiences at my jobs. I look forward to the days when the workspace serves one’s personal and professional endeavors, while maintaining one’s authenticity and serving the broader, affected community.

Inspired by Improvisation, Anthrocubeology is my coined word. It is my exploration at the intersection of Behavior Design and Servant Leadership. As an Anthrocubeologist I explore perspectives about and behaviors of individuals interacting in workspaces.

In a nutshell, I am the CATALYST promoting those tiny changes a person can choose and execute to take care of one’s self and those around each of us. I am RESOURCEFUL by acknowledging thoughts, activities, and people who share similar perspectives and by serving as the GATHERER to share inspirations, philosophies, and practices.

Thanks for getting to know a little about me. Let me hear from you over here.

2 thoughts on “Meet Shirley

  1. Love this! So glad to know more about you and your background. Thank you for sharing this link and look forward to more posts!

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