Meet – a Behavior Designer & Tiny Habits® Coach

I am a June 2012 alum of BJ Fogg’s Behavior Design Boot Camp.
Back in the day, it was called Persuasion Boot Camp.

My feedback to BJ after the two day boot camp –

“Your bootcamp covered a lot of material,
but I never felt overwhelmed. In fact, I felt energized.”

I share an overview about my boot camp experience over here, which includes notes from one of the other campers. Fast forward – I have presented on behavior design-related ideas for servant leadership and for environmental health and safety, as well as applying behavior design principles to the workspace – onboarding, peer-to-peer mentoring, engaging performance appraisal feedback, and applying self-directed employee learning and development approaches. A unique element of my approach is incorporating applied improvisation.

In November 2013, I completed my Tiny Habits® training and
apprenticeship. In January 2018, using Fogg’s email coaching platform,
I enjoyed coaching more than 100 folks.

I am a Certified Coach. Back in the day, BJ provided in-person training. Fast forward – now, there is the Tiny Habits Academy, with BJ Fogg and Director Linda Fogg-Phillips, and folks are trained and certified online. Meanwhile, I am active in this coaching community. I am among a few coaches involved in the late 2017 alpha testing of the online coaching platform. Since then, I have been a frequent user of the online coaching platform. I actively coach folks nearly weekly each month. In late June, I described my approach to helping folks learn and practice BJ’s method.  And not only do I coach folks in habit formation, I also consult on air quality, energy projects, and environmental issues.

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