Meet – a Behavior Designer & Tiny Habits® Coach

I am a June 2012 alum of BJ Fogg’s Behavior Design Boot Camp,
and a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach.

My feedback to BJ after the two day boot camp –

“Your bootcamp covered a lot of material,
but I never felt overwhelmed. In fact, I felt energized.”

I share an overview about my boot camp experience over here, which includes links to notes from one of the other campers.

June 2012 Persuasion Boot Camp with BJ Fogg

ChemE at home with Behavior Design

_fin tube fogg
a page of notes during my ChemE meets Behavior Design moment at Boot Camp

I felt at home during boot camp. Learning about Behavior Design, a new field that BJ started in collaboration with researchers in his Stanford lab, is a set of new models (a way of thinking) and a set of methods (a way of doing) for challenges related to behavior.

I graduated from UC Berkeley with a Chemical Engineering – think chemical reactions, systems, processes, specifics, environmental conditions, interdependencies, etc. – albeit most of my professional life has been serving more in the environmental sector (e.g., air quality, energy projects, environmental communications) in the regulatory and compliance area. And I continue to work in the environmental and energy sector.

With BJ’s set of models and methods, my ChemE brain immediately perked up, because of what I consider as a kinship with systems and processes. My curiosity has remained piqued and engaged ever since. BJ’s boot camp provided me the language for approaches in behavior shifts that I’ve used and shared with friends and colleagues in my personal and professional life.

Expressing the Behavior Designer in Me

I am excited to grow my behavior design and habit formation consulting, as well as my coaching services for –

  • environmental health & safety
  • servant leadership
  • professional development
  • equity and inclusion

Fast forward since 2012, I have presented on behavior design-related ideas for servant leadership and for environmental health and safety, as well as applied behavior design principles to the workspace –

  • onboarding
  • peer-to-peer mentoring
  • engaging performance appraisal feedback
  • applying self-directed employee learning and development approaches

A unique element of my approach is incorporating applied improvisation. Yes, improv skills and practices – especially listening and co-creating with others – are core to my approach.

(UPDATE: I recently “refreshed” with a one-day behavior design workshop in September 2018.)

In November 2013, I completed my Tiny Habits® training and
apprenticeship.  In January 2018, using Fogg’s email coaching platform,
I enjoyed coaching more than 100 folks.

I am a Certified Coach. Back in the day, BJ provided in-person training. Now folks are trained and certified online, through the Tiny Habits Academy, with BJ Fogg and Academy Director Linda Fogg-Phillips.

Meanwhile, I am active in this Tiny Habits coaching community. I am among a few coaches involved in the late 2017 alpha testing of the online coaching platform.  Since then, I have been a frequent user of the online coaching platform. I actively coach folks at least three weeks each month. In late June, I described my approach to helping folks learn and practice BJ’s method and have since further streamlined and customized how I coach my Habiteers.

Collaborating and Co-Creating in Behavior Design

It has been a joy to collaborate and co-create behavior design and habit endeavors with Behavior Designer, David Ngo. David is founder of Behavior Delta and SparkHabits and has served as a mentor and become a good friend. With BJ Fogg, David is co-authoring “How to Do Behavior Design”  – a new, unpublished seven-part expert guide series.

1_BJ and David
BJ, me, and David at the 2014 Design for Dance event, where I facilitated an improv-inspired activity for participants, hosted by the Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab

Oh! there’s more. While I consult and coach folks in habit formation, I continue with my established consulting practice in air quality, energy projects, and environmental issues.

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