Meet | A Tiny Habits® Certified Coach

June 2012 Persuasion Boot Camp with BJ Fogg

Thanks for asking! I’m a Behavior Designer, and I am a Certified Coach for Tiny Habits®.

I’ve been certified since late 2013, and prior to that, after learning behavior design from BJ Fogg at a 2012 boot camp, the world and people are that much more interesting to observe and experience.

Getting my coaching on

Since 2012, I have coached individuals in a variety of areas, with an emphasis on professional development and workspace culture. Since mid- November 2017, each week I have been using a platform for coaching up to 15 folks in a specific method to create habits quickly and easily.

This week is an extra special week. I am wrapping up my ninth week. My tenth week involves coaching several (many!) people* through next Friday, January 26 (and likely into the weekend as an extra bonus). I will enjoy helping folks from around the world. All this is led by the Tiny Habits® Academy and Dr. BJ Fogg’s 5-Day Tiny Habits® program, a 5-day session (at no charge) to learn, practice, and revise 3 tiny habits that each participant chooses to design.

I very much appreciate the opportunity extended by Linda Fogg-Phillips, Director of the Tiny Habits® Academy and BJ Fogg, creator of the Tiny Habits® method. And thank you to BJ Fogg for this email introduction.

Excerpt from email introduction

To move things forward, I want to introduce you to a fantastic coach I’ve trained in my Tiny Habits method. Her name is Shirley Rivera. (She is cc’ed on this email.)
Shirley will guide you in learning Tiny Habits. Stay tuned for an email from her outlining your next steps.

In the coming week you’ll see new videos and content I’ve created to make my method easier to learn. You’ll also benefit from Shirley’s skills in coaching and in making things fun.

About Shirley Rivera

• Shirley is a June 2012 alum of my Behavior Design Boot Camp.
• She was one of the first people to become a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach.
• Shirley was also part of my Stanford lab’s “Design for Dance” event.
• In addition to her full-time work, Shirley coaches people every week in Tiny Habits.

Below is a bio that’s more extensive:

Shirley’s 30 years of work experience in the public and private sector primarily has recently resulted in her not only continuing to pursue her desire to align air quality and energy industry objectives but also to co-create meaningful interactions among shared workspaces.

Most recently in 2014, she left (for the second time) the U.S. EPA and re-established her consulting practice, Resource Catalysts (R|CAT), with an added desire to explore what she calls Anthrocubeology, human-to-human shared experiences in the workspace – think interactions, environment, choices, and tiny habits and practices – for workspace cultural shifts, shaped by behavior design and inspired by improvisation and servant leadership philosophies. Related to BJ Fogg’s work and the Tiny Habits Academy, Shirley is a June 2012 alum of the Behavior Design Boot Camp, signed up to become a Tiny Habit Certified Coach in November 2013, and led attendees through an improv-based activity at Fogg’s Persuasive Tech Lab’s 2014 “Design for Dance” event.

She brings her Tiny Habits Coach specialty – An Improv Mindset in the Workspace – to the areas of professional development, servant leadership, environmental practices, and inclusion. Her servant leadership foundation is from the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership’s Academy program. Her improv training is from the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, and on-going classes, camps, and workshops. Yes, she is a performing improvisor in the San Francisco Bay Area. Oh! Yes, and … she also has a Chemical Engineering degree from UC Berkeley, although rarely has she been asked to ChemE-ize anything.

Got habit to create or to shift? Let’s talk!

* UPDATE: Before our day 1 start, I reached out to the 256 people who signed up with BJ. By day 3 in the afternoon, 140 people continued with me for the 5-day program. Several chose to switch to a different 5-day session. It was a wonderful whirlwind week!

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