Commit – My Planner Rollercoaster

“What motivates our investment in goals and planning for the future, much of the time, isn’t any sober recognition of the virtues of preparation and looking ahead. Rather, it’s something much more emotional: how deeply uncomfortable we are made by feelings of uncertainty.”
– Oliver Burkeman

Thank you much to Generalissimo Joanne of For the Love of Vog who, earlier this year, gifted me the Commit30 planner. I chose to step aside from my regular Quo Vadis + Moleskine Cahier mix.

It is now August 2016. After 6 months in a love/hate relationship with Commit30, I have transitioned back to my mainstay Quo Vadis. While I have loved several features of Commit30 –

  • the monthly gather-your-thoughts goals
  • the combination monthly and vertical weekly pages
  • the combination of life + work lists
  • the blog

– I also have had a few issues, which I have not-loved-so-much –

  • the bulk of the spiral bound planner
  • the wire bound getting caught on other items
  • the folding of the tabs

Quo Vadis weekly plannerHOWEVER, the mindset of gathering thoughts and activities in a particular approach (per Commit30’s organization and layout) – wonderful! Thanks Commit30!

That said, I spent the tail end of July incorporating “Commit30” practices as part of my return to my Quo Vadis weekly planner.

(P.S. I have also been adjusting my 3-3-What-What-1-2 and my start-of-day with 18-minutes. Perhaps more on that later.)

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