The Way


Anthrocubeology is about exploring how human-to-human shared interactions can affect workspace cultural shifts. The Way of Anthrocubeology is about being that person who is present in a workspace and brings about the cultural shifts needed for meaningful interactions in the workspace – one who does so without judgement, one who does so as a servant-leader.

The Way of Anthrocubeology bends and curves to accomplish positive workspace cultural shifts, to accomplish shifts that value each individual. It is about creating habits for living a servant-leader philosophy that is inspired by improvisation.

One’s status of title, position, or duties is not what matters. What matters for WHOMEVER you are – whether as employed, in transition, or unemployed – plus WHEREVER you are – with family, at school, in your faith, at work, where you live – is that WHAT emerges – meaningful interactions in your life and the lives of others.

The Inspiration

I was inspired very shortly after the June 2013 debut of a conference session –  “Who’s a Servant Leader, Anyway?” (.pdf of presentation) – at the 23rd Annual Conference of the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership.

GCSL_WaSLA blurb

I had the privilege of presenting and collaborating with Jeff Miller. This session was the debut of our idea that improvisors and servant-leaders share many similar characteristics, that one can learn from the other.

Moreover, the session included my idea that one can create habits for living a servant-leader philosophy inspired by improvisation. Improv warm-ups, exercises, and games were introduced, along with servant-leader fundamentals that dovetail closely with improvisation tenets. Tiny Habits™, as part of behavior design, was introduced as one approach to creating habits for leading a servant-leader life.

The Visual

After the session, I found myself explaining and re-explaining how and why I thought improv, servant leadership, and behavior design were related. When in doubt verbally expressing how things relate, I sometimes turn to visuals. This time, I turned to the Venn diagram.


The Community

Anyone interested in a workspace, in a life, that values each individual; anyone interested in being a person who values one another. How to get there? That’s what I am part of creating. When asked by Global Niche’s Tara and Anastasia

What’s going on in your corner of the world? What new thing is your community on the verge of — and what could they accomplish if they harnessed their collective power? Answer this question.

“If all the people in my ____ community were bonded together, then we could accomplish ____.”

 – I shared the following (also over here)  –

  • If all the people in my servant-leader community were bonded together, then we could accomplish positive, workspace cultural shifts.
  • If all the people in cubeopolis were bonded together, then we could accomplish shifts that value each individual.
  • If all the people in the human race were bonded together, then we could accomplish peace.

This site is about what I am exploring, discovering, and sharing – and hopefully with others. It also is a bit of a manifesto – part blog, part information pack rat, part rant & rave, and part making ideas and thoughts reality. Who can be part of this exploration?

Anyone interested in meaningful interactions, cultural shifts, servant leadership, and peace.

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