Reverb – 2014 Reboot

“… reflect on your year and manifest what’s next …”
– Reverb 10 (Dec 2010)


To return to the habit of blogging, I am going to “Reverb 10” for this December 2014. This will, in theory, result in my daily-ish blogging.

Toward the end of this post, you will see a numbered list of the reboot topics, which then links to my  blog post for that topic.

This post explains what Reverb 10 was about, states what my anthrocubeologist’s intentions are for rebooting, and includes a link to each prompt + response.

About Reverb 10.  In December 2010, I participated in an on-line community called Reverb 10, described as –

“Reverb 10 is an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s next. The end of the year is an opportunity to reflect on what’s happened, and to send out reverberations for the year ahead. With Reverb 10, we’ll do both.”

Each day participants received a prompt – a question to reflect and respond to. How we chose to respond and express ourselves was up to each individual. My choice? I would get up very early each morning and stream-of-consciousness respond. I posted my responses on my personal blog, 31 blog posts.

Intentions for Reboot

fall in the desert areaTo sit. To write.

That is my intention.

Simply to sit and to write.

Similar to December 2010, each morning, I will open up each day’s Dec 2010 prompt and respond. For my 2014 reboot, I will do so with my anthrocubeologist’s perspective, and I will include at least one image from my Reverb 10 posts.

Given it is already December 2, I will power through blog posts to get caught up. I am excited to see what emerges.

What will emerge? Join and share your link in comments for each day’s prompt. Or if you prefer, you can cheer me on.

Emerging. The following are links to each prompt’s post.

1: One Word
2: Writing
3: Moment
4: Wonder
5: Letting Go
6: Make
7a: Community (Part 1 of 2)
7b: Community (Part 2 of 2)
8: Beautifully Different
9: ?
10: ?
11: ?
12: ?
13: ?
14: ?
15: ?
16: ?
17: ?
18: ?
19: ?
20: ?
21: ?
22: ?
23: ?
24: ?
25: ?
26: ?
27: ?
28: ?
29: ?
30: ?
31: ?

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