Reverb of 2014 Reboot Will Restart

I initiated Reverb – 2014 Reboot – in early December with the intention of daily writing based on prompts from a 2010 Reverb endeavor over here.

10701952_10152379459471875_7436662780149850208_nFunny thing – as it goes with Watch out what you wish for …”, it is as if a few things that were sauntering in my life just kicked into gear. I am –

restarting my consulting practice, Resource Catalysts (R|CAT), which means all administrative activities, office organization, contractual agreements, insurance considerations, business development and outreach, social media, reactivating my domains, and nerd work; and

preparing for my San Diego conference presentation as R|CAT, which means creating power point slides for a 20-minute presentation; and

updating my brown bag / luncheon interactive improv + talkOn Considering Improv 101to do and share with others, which means identifying several “go-to” improv exercises, warm-ups, and short form games to take on the road, similar to what I did in November 2014 for a specialty Toastsmaster lunch time event; and

updating my co-presented 2013 conference session (estimated for 75-90 minutes) – Who’s a Servant Leader Anyway? – that was presented at an annual Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership conference with my colleague Jeff Miller (who is in Indiana) –

– which means preparing three flexible presentation versions as a solo-presenter –

– a short, overview version that highlights creating habits and practices for servant leadership characteristics via improv activities and philosophies;

– a deconstruction of the conference session into three stand-alone, multi-session presentations that step through the behavior design framework for a servant-leader to practice and apply in real life – the improv philosophies and activities that can be shared with others; and

– a conference presentation version that Jeff or I can present, comparable to assuring the objectives of the original presentation remain.

And of course, I am involved with a few performing improv endeavors. Just a few and then some.

Meanwhile, what are you Rebooting and Refreshing?


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