Uncover – My StrengthsFinder 2.0 and Talents

Thanks @StrengthsFinder for my report. strengthf_reportcvr

Every human being has talents that are just waiting to be uncovered.
Tom Rath

In this blog post, I am not providing a description of StrenghtsFinder, given there is readily available information online. I am sharing my results. And I am interested in your results. Feel free to leave a comment. I was fortunate enough to find a book WITH the access code at a used bookstore for less than $6.00. If you don’t have the book, you can buy it or choose to use the assessment using the online feature. (NOTE: I do not receive any compensation for these suggestions.)

About StrengthsFinder

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Information is available online about StrengthsFinder, which also is part of the Gallup Strengths Center. Among the references of StrengthsFinder is StrengthsFinder 2.0, which is described as –

In StrengthsFinder 2.0 Gallup unveiled the new and improved version of its popular assessment, language of 34 themes, and much more. While you can read this book in one sitting, you’ll use it as a reference for decades.

– and that is what I have done. I bought the book, took the online assessment, and I have my top 5 themes from a detailed and brief report. I also have the mobile app.

My Top 5 Themes

cert door hangerBefore I took the assessment, I skimmed the 34 themes partly out of curiosity and partly out of guess-timating what would emerge from the assessment.

You cannot be anything you want to be –
but you can be alot more of who you already are.
Tom Rath

Among the 34, I identified 14 themes that I believe would describe/apply to me. Among the 14, I identified what I thought my top 5 would be; they are in italics text. The 14 themes were –

activator . adaptability . arranger . belief . command . communication . connectedness . consistency . developer . focus . ideation . input . learner . strategic

The result?

Three of the five themes I guess-timated were part of the top 5 themes that emerged from the assessment. And my final result, with brief descriptions of each from the report –

  • Strategic
    • People who are especially talented in the Strategic theme create alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.
  • Activator
    • People who are especially talented in the Activator theme can make things happen by turning thoughts into action. They are often impatient.
  • Connectedness
    • People who are especially talented in the Connectedness theme have faith in the links between all things. They believe there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason.
  • Belief
    • People who are especially talented in the Belief theme have certain core values that are unchanging. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for their life.
  • Input
    • People who are especially talented in the Input theme have a craving to know more. Often they like to collect and archive all kinds of information.

With each theme, there are 10 suggested Ideas for Action. (Mental note – Blog about Ideas for Action)

What are your Top 5 themes from StrengthsFinder 2.0? And as the report includes , what would you like for others to see most in you?


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