Watch: BJ Fogg at TEDxMaui

Thank you @bjfogg for sharing your favorite habit at TEDxMaui.

It takes, what?, two seconds, and it has this big effect on our life.

Try Tiny Habits for Yourself

June 2012 Persuasion Boot Camp with BJ Fogg
June 2012 Behavior Design Boot Camp with BJ Fogg

Give Tiny Habits a whirl. It’s free, it’s a quick 5-day commitment of just minutes to “check-in” with your Tiny Habits, and after your first day, you will learn about creating (and practicing) at least one habit for yourself.

Join BJ Fogg’s 5-day method. You can join over here.

I am a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach.

After your 5-days, if you are interested in learning more about my coaching, considering becoming a coach, or just talking about habits and behavior design, please do leave me a message over here.

I’ll share more in a subsequent posts about my coaching and my experience with and perspectives on Tiny Habits, and how I have helped colleagues with their wellness, self-awareness, and professional development pursuits.

Behavior change is a skill.



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