Reboot – Wonder

quit job

PROMPT. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?*


I quit my job in April (over here) after giving notice in later March 2014.

This post is part of Reverb – 2014 Reboot.

“I wonder what’s next?” followed suit, you know – similar to when one enters or leaves prison (I imagine).

big card

My wonder is related to my one word – SHIFT and PRACTICE. Quitting my job afforded me the time not only to focus further on specific air quality-related issues of special interest to me but also to discover what I have to offer as a behavior designer and therefore as an anthrocubeologist.

Archaeology Dig

Quitting my job means I have time to pursue an “archaeology dig” – Dig – Anthrocubeologist Goes on Archaeology Dig – where this previous post expresses nicely the two elements Jeff Harmon shares. I believe these are part of cultivating my sense of wonder as a result of quitting my job –

1.  The Dig –  The dig is to unearth the gifts, talents, strengths, values, skills and worth of what we already have. In some cases, this treasure is right in front of you or right below the surface. … Some of the tools of “The Dig” are listening, asking powerful questions, coaching, positivity and love.

2.  The finish work – This is the stage where new skills are added to natural talents. It’s where encouragement and energy are added to dormant strengths. It’s where a personal connection is made with the right, new person to round out an idea that has been stagnant. … The tools for the finishing work are often the same as “The Dig” and also include vision and creativity.

I believe this dig is unearthing the behavior designer in me. I wonder what will emerge.

Share an event or moment during this past year that has led you to cultivate a sense of wonder in your life.


*prompt from Reverb10, Author Jeffrey Davis

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