Open – Time for Creative Potential

Everybody has a creative potential and
from the moment you can express
this creative potential,
you can start changing the world.
Paulo Coelho

april4_last dayMy potential – re-imagined and refreshed – has a new setting.

I quit my job, and Friday, April 4, was my last day. (shared over here) Said differently – Last week Friday, I chose to exit/separate from work. And yes, it was my choice to do so. Now I welcome new interactions, workspaces, and choices.

New setting, same mantra


time to create – more time to create, get clarity, get focused.

Shared with others as part of my announcement of quitting –

As far as what is next, I do not yet have anything specific. I am still considering various options yet to be created. Some of you may be aware, I had my own consulting practice. And more recently, I have been engaged in the self-study and practice of behavior design, servant leadership, and improvisation, as well as serving as a coach and mentor. With that said, potential endeavors are likely to involve these areas in some fashion.

– and so begins my more formal self-study and practice of weaving behavior design, servant leadership, and improv to continue exploring and creating anthrocubeology.

The lovely, pictured hyacinths below were part of a congratulations note from cubeopolis.

HyacinthsAlong with these flowers was this shared  sentiment –

“If a wise man has but two loaves of bread,
he will sell one and buy hyacinths to feed his soul.”
– Moslih Eddin Saadi



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