Count – Anthrocubeologist Takes Improv Inventory

This past weekend, I took @Improv_Nerd The Art of Slow Comedy workshop with Jimmy Carrane. The workshop was offered by Pan Theater, one of several improv theaters and organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. This group picture was taken after our workshop ended on Sunday. I believe the following excerpt (emphasis added) from one of Carrane’s recent … More Count – Anthrocubeologist Takes Improv Inventory

Mapped – Improv Periodic Table Inspiration

Thank you @DaveMorrisIsA The Anthrocubeologist in me very much appreciates The Periodic Table of Improvisation over here (and presented below) that Dave Morris created. Having received my Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and pursuing anthrocubeology endeavors inspired by improv, this table makes me smile (even with the memory of my 2.383 GPA). I appreciate … More Mapped – Improv Periodic Table Inspiration