Mash-Up – Initial Batch of Cubealabras

BATCH 1: “Maiden Voyage”
PROCESSED: ~ November 2007
(learn about cubealabras and submit your own)

  • cube-occupant (DEF: one who lives, works (or both) in a cubicle)
  • cube-i-licious (DEF: a cute cube-occupant)
  • cube-politan (DEF: the rows/aisles of cubicles – the “grid” – the “pedestrian-oriented-design”)
  • cube-o-rama (DEF: fun times in a cubicle)
  • cube-opolus (DEF: cubicles in greece)
  • cube-ster (DEF: a hip cube-occupant who likes being in cube-politan)
  • cube-meister (DEF: self-proclaimed master of cube-politan)
  • cube-every-day (DEF: the life of a cube-occupant)
  • cube-otomy (DEF: when you move on from your cube-every-day)
  • cube-cicle (DEF: frozen spears hanging from roof eaves)
  • cubic-hair (YA DON’T SAY?: who put this … in my coke?)
  • cube-opoly (DEF: someone who is the only cube resident)
  • vac-cube (YA DON’T SAY?: does nature abhor a … ?)
  • cubic’s rube (DEF: what a cube-ster would pull out to twiddle around)
  • cube-itis (DEF: a medical condition after cube-every-day)
  • cube steak (YA DON’T SAY?: what’s for lunch?)
  • cubes (YA DON’T SAY?: some men pay adult entertainers to show them their …)
  • cubee (DEF: what a medical marijuana card carrying cube-ster smokes at his/her desk)
  • cube socks (DEF: what a cube-occupant may wear during lunch hour kickboxing class)
  • cube-ee-doo (DEF: best dog on t.v.)
  • cubicle bill (YA DON’T SAY?: if Tarantino wanted to make a movie about a vengeful samurai starring cube-politan, what would he call it?)
  • cube-tastic four (DEF: favorite super heroes)
  • cublished (DEF: when you publish a cube-alabras)
  • cube-onymity (DEF: when the cube-occupant has managed to remain anonymous in cube-ipolitan)

What suggestion(s) do you have for an additional or different definition(s)? Or maybe you have a new cubealabras? Do share!

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DEF: Refers to “Definition” of the cubealabras

YA DON’T SAY?: Refers to how one may use or the context of the cubealabras.

Hyphens are optional, for some cubealabras, and are included for ease of reference and/or pronunciation.

One thought on “Mash-Up – Initial Batch of Cubealabras

  1. WARNING: DON’T suggest any words since she’s only going to use them as her own invention and never give you credit for ACTUALLY coining the term.

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