Pieces – Anthrocubeologist Deconstructed

I realize my small back-story on becoming an anthrocubeologist has several elements that have contributed and are contributing to my pursuing anthrocubeology, my interest in interactions, workspace, and choices. Upon deconstructing on becoming and on being, upcoming posts will touch upon –

  • the space that one’s position occupies in the general public or community (WORKSPACE)
  • embracing my geeky ChemE lens to explore the world of cubeopolis (LENS)
  • who I am should not be lost in how I express myself in cubeopolis (EXPRESS)
  • intrigued by how people interact, what choices people make, when people make transitions, and who influences these people. (HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHO)
  • how a human being behaves to establish meaningful interactions for cultural shifts (BEHAVIOR)
  • while I have often been told that one cannot change a workplace culture, I also have been told that one person can make a difference. (ONE, CULTURE, DIFFERENCE)
  • having not been schooled in anthropology or organizations (NOT SCHOOLED)
  • workspace cultural shifts (SHIFTS)
  • it goes without saying that on ANY GIVEN DAY, someone is asking “WTF CUBEOPOLIS?!” Who wants to be that person, anyway? I don’t. (I DON’T)
  • the decisions each person makes to connect or disconnect with others. (CONNECT, DISCONNECT)

As a preview of EXPRESS, I acknowledge that my cubeopolis expression is influenced by the following (to name just a couple) –

  • Improvisation – I have been a student of improvisation, long and short form, since January 2011. I have had several opportunities to perform. And in September 2012, I learned about the Applied Improvisation Network.
  • Servant Leadership – I have studied with the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. I’ve been part of private and public sector organizations and had a consultancy practice for the same amount of time I have worked for other organizations. I learned about querencia and discovered an interest in systems, storytelling, and philosophy (epistemology of knowledge and ignorance).

And therefore, as I explore interactions, workspace, and choices, my tools will include the lenses of improvisation and servant leadership.

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