First – Better Behaving Anthrocubeologist

$50.00 later …

It has been a long time coming. This is my first post on anthrocubeology, along with the first few pages – about anthrocubeology, a few acknowledgments (so far), and about jengyee, for whom incubeator (still a work in progress) is dedicated. (woo-hoo)

This post also marks the end of my “painful” behavior change, inspired by Jason Hreha’s post The Path to Painful Behavior Change.  Jason’s experimenting with a behavior change (become more social) via a punishment system (if he did not meet new people) was that he would pay $20 to the RNC for each day he did not meet a new person. I thought – “WOW! I’d totally post on anthrocubeology if I had an “RNC-tethered” punishment system.” In the end, I chose a different punishment system and apparently one that was not punishment enough (until this evening).

With that said, this post comes with a price – a price to The Stanford Fund. (What? Yes, I went to Cal Berkeley. What’s your point?) I chose my punishment of $25 to the Stanford Fund for each week I did not post on anthrocubeology. I decided to approach my behavior change with a punishment (rather than reward) from the perspective of “decrease the behavior of not posting on anthrocubeology” rather than “increase the behavior of posting on anthrocubeology.” At the time, I was pretty certain I would post the first week. Oh well. I was wrong.

(Hmmm … I wonder if I would have posted in that first week if I used Jason’s punishment system. We’ll never know, and consequently, Stanford now has my money (for a good cause, at least).  Now it’s time to revert back to the BJ Fogg Behavior Grid for my dose of blue and purple span and path behaviors, so I will develop the behavior of regularly posting.)

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