Hello – Anthrocubeologist on Stage

One September Sunday afternoon,
an Anthrocubeologist came out to a crowd.

AIN Crowd
At Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) 2012 World Conference “Be The Change”
Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA (September 20-23)

As one of my more memorable life’s moments, I took a leap of faith to propose my open space topic on anthrocubeology.

AIN anthrocubeology

In less than two minutes, I explained (exceptionally nervously) my not-yet-fully-formulated anthrocubeology, asked the audience to indulge in my taking their picture, and walked off stage to cheers of support.

Relieved and energized, I knew that during the timeframe of 11:30-12:15, either I would have a room to myself, or I may have a room with another person(s). Head count result? The “peak” of attendance was two people, with an average of one. Emotional support? Superb! The opportunity, alone, was priceless.

Thank you, AIN2012,
for indulging and supporting
the growth of an Anthrocubeologist.
(on becoming an anthrocubeologist)

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