Quotes – From My Friend Nicknamed “the oracle”

Right is always right –
not simply when it’s obvious or convenient. 

1_stack looking up cropThis quote is from a friend whom I met in late 2000 through business projects. Through the years, he and I have enjoyed healthy banter on many topics. We have not always agreed with each other, and we respect each other’s perspective. Sprinkled throughout the banter has been a series of  answers to his daughter’s questions, of quotes of others, or of quotes he spewed.

These quotables are from moments of conversations about organizational dynamics and personal choices. Agree or disagree with his quotes? Either way, enjoy.

Nothing is impossible for the person who does not have to do it.

Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.

Actual happiness always looks pretty squalid in comparison with the over-compensations for misery. (- quote from Aldous Huxley)

No one wins a race to the moral bottom.

Coincidence is a result assigned by those who failed to plan.

High performers persevere. Perseverance requires optimism. Hope drives achievement.

You are the sole architect of your fortune … and misfortune.

You achieve happiness by immersing yourself on working toward a goal.

When you stay focused on that goal and give it your all, happiness follows.

Don’t be in a rush to be the best, let it come from hard work.

Develop the discipline and determination to focus on getting better, not being the best.

Creativity is intrinsically hard to manage, but there is an essential paradox whereby enough process must be introduced so that creativity is balanced by a certain level of accountability.

Sometimes logic must give way to equity.

Do you have a ” the oracle” friend? What wisdom have you exchanged?

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