Choices – Updating Casual Headshots

Fun Firsts

This past Tuesday, February 10, was a day of firsts – consulting fun, puzzle fun, and grown-up headshots fun.

Consulting hours. As part of Resource Catalysts (R|CAT), I completed my first billable consulting hours. I will be invoicing those hours by the end of February. My consulting work with R|CAT is more specific to environmental and energy consulting. (Side note: Anthrocubeology, as part of R|CAT, is the behavior deisgn-related services – coaching, consulting, workshops.)

Solving puzzles. My friends – members of our improv troupe (The Letters) and friend Jim, participated in our first Bay Area Puzzled Pint, and I suspect that it will not be our last time. Among the six of us, we worked well together, pairing up and tripling up to decipher the crux if each puzzle and ultimately supporting each other to eventually solve all the puzzles.

Coaching. As part of eventually being listed in Tiny Habit Academy for my behavior design-related coaching services, my friend Debbie took several head shots. The one I have used for several years (with the green fern-line leaves in the background) is from 2010.

july 2012_cropped -short hairAnd in 2013, I took a couple of head shots for a conference where I was speaking.Rivera_0280_HiRes

(I do like the collar of the black suit jacket.)

Current Head Shots Options

Because I am not very comfortable with head shots, I am going to post them here – partly to get over my discomfort and partly to thank Debbie, again for her patience and encouragement (and lipstick and stuff). (I did not include the “winky” photo.)

10FebSFR_From deb - head shot

10FebSFR_From deb - head shot_5

10FebSFR_From deb - head shot_side_4

10FebSFR_From deb - head shot_2

Debbie noticed the same thing I have been aware of – I have a bit of a down-turn on the right side of my smile, which I have had since childhood. Anyway, I submitted three options for the Academy – the black jacket, the one with the brick background, and the last of the pics with the green background.

What firsts have you recently had? How comfortable are you taking head shot photos?



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