Mapped – Improv Periodic Table Inspiration

Thank you @DaveMorrisIsA

The Anthrocubeologist in me very much appreciates The Periodic Table of Improvisation over here (and presented below) that Dave Morris created. Having received my Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and pursuing anthrocubeology endeavors inspired by improv, this table makes me smile (even with the memory of my 2.383 GPA).

Created by Dave Morris
and presented in The Way of Improvisation

I appreciate the eight categories that Dave pulled together. (And yes, there are eight categories in the traditional periodic table.) As someone who has been involved with improv since Jan 2011, the category of “Notable Improvisers” is appreciated.

Chemical Engineering Influence

The traditional periodic table over here is part of the foundation of my college degree – Chemical Engineering (ChemE). This reminded me of an entry in my journal notebook during my BJ Fogg Behavior Design Boot Camp experience in June 2012. BJ shared his Fogg Behavior Model

What Causes Behavior Change?

My Behavior Model shows that three elements must converge at the same moment for a behavior to occur: Motivation, Ability, and Trigger. When a behavior does not occur, at least one of those three elements is missing.

– and what came to mind was a classic ChemE (and mechanical engineering) topic – thermodynamics, heat transfer, transport processes – and these notes.

_fin tube fogg

My initial thought is that Dave’s periodic table provides inspiration for anthrocubeology endeavors, especially for future posts where improv-inspired perspectives will be shared, along side behavior design and cultural shifts.

Chemistry + Improv + Behavior Design = creative juices flowing.

What seemingly  disparate topics or subjects have triggered your creative juices?


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