… a mash-up of a word(s), cubicle (Eng.) and palabras (Sp.), a lighter side of anthrocubeology –

  • def: cubicle (n) – kyü-bi-kəl … a small partitioned area where work (and some frivolity) is conducted.
  • def: palabras (n) – pä-ˈlä-vräs … words (in Spanish)

“cubicle + palabras = cubealabras”

– where cube-themed words are created by anyone. Please feel free to submit your own cubealabras.

MY MUSE & BUDDY … It all started back in the day, in the mid-2000s, with my fellow ChemE buddy, Floyd (aka Stupidicus). He serves as my muse for and a past contributor of cubealabras.

Since we graduated in the mid-80s, Floyd and I (aka Moronicus) continue to share rants and raves from observations during our life.  We were both ChemEs when I met him, as he passed his classes the first time during my retaking of a class (or two – who’s counting?). Post-college, he was my gal-pal who stuck by me after good and not-so-good life decisions.  He introduced me to napkin decision-making over curly fries and a beer. Not only was napkin decision-making a great way to pass dinner conversations but also a priceless life planning exercise.


… please join us and others who occupy cubeopolis as we add new, old, and redefined cubealabras. For ease of reference, I will update this page as I add batches of cubealabras. (Get it, ChemEs?) In some cases, a cubealabra may be presented as how one may use it, e.g., the context of the cubealabra.

Really? Someone came up with “CUBE-EE-DOO”? Yes, what’s your offering? What suggestion(s) do you have for an additional or different definition(s)? Or maybe you have a new cubealabras? Do share!


Initial Batch of Cubealabras (11/25/2012)

Share time - your turn ...

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