Find – Hashtag Anthrocubeology

#appliedimprov #servantleader #behaviordesign  These are the three areas that frame the context for anthrocubeology. #cubeopolis This is an anthrocubeologist’s muse. #anthrocubeology Observations, perspectives, and stories discovered and explored include – interactions workspaces choices APPLIED IMPROV – or applied improvisation – is the  use of improv exercises, activities, and skills in non-performance settings. SERVANT LEADERSHIP – the … More Find – Hashtag Anthrocubeology

Pieces – Anthrocubeologist Deconstructed

I realize my small back-story on becoming an anthrocubeologist has several elements that have contributed and are contributing to my pursuing anthrocubeology, my interest in interactions, workspace, and choices. Upon deconstructing on becoming and on being, upcoming posts will touch upon – the space that one’s position occupies in the general public or community (WORKSPACE) embracing … More Pieces – Anthrocubeologist Deconstructed