Swirling – Early Anthrocubeology

Admittedly, I am still rough on the edges in trimming down my explanation of anthrocubeology. Granted, anthrocubeology is always swirling around in my head. Long version? Got it! Describing it more succinctly? Eh, still working on it.

You Said

A few months ago, when I updated my LinkedIn profile and posted a few blog posts, responses included –

I cannot imagine a more appropriate endeavour for you than to help us better understand “anthrocubeology”. I do appreciate the interaction of culture and cubeville, to coin a Dilbert phrase.
– Mike

Really? Is that the best that you can do?
– a LinkedIn connection

I love that you are more interested in: “how a human being behaves to establish meaningful interactions for cultural shifts”. It is humans that make up organizations and organizational culture. Understanding interactions at this atomic level is key to understanding and facilitating organizational change.
– Elif, a GlobalNiche colleague

A few friends also asked me if I was pursuing –

  • coaching to help people maneuver the workplace
  • teaching life skills by using improv
  • helping people be more expressive and authentic at work
  • writing a book about my professional/career development
  • changing careers completely
  • moonlighting to do applied improv
  • going back to school in organization development

tWoA_vennMy Long Version

For now, I would say anthrocubeology may be a little bit of this and a little bit of that, with a smidgen of all of the above and then some.

About. My long version of describing anthrocubeology is described in the about section of this web site –

  • the framework describes the “mash up” for anthrocubeology, the basics about anthrocubeology, my point of view of the responsibility of the individual is shaping the workspace culture;
  • a little about me on becoming an anthrocubeologist boils down to my being interested in why some people enjoy cubeopolis more than others – intrigued by how people interact, what choices people make, when people make transitions, and who influences these people;
  • on being describes my take on the activities and characteristics of an anthrocubeologist who rooted in curiosity and learning; and
  • i describe my inspiration, sketch out the idea and hope to find community for the way of anthrocubeology.

Ultimately, lifelong learning with anthrocubeology is about creating habits for living a servant-leader philosophy that is inspired by improvisation.

While continuing to unfold, evolve, and share my thoughts in the on-line world, I am excited to connect with others (on-line and off-line) who already are (or want to be) part of a better world.

My Short Version

If work sucks, it doesn’t have to. I believe work shouldn’t suck. You shouldn’t make work suck. I shouldn’t make work suck. We shouldn’t make work suck.


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