Connecting – Tiny Habits® Certified Coaches

I am a Tiny Habits Specialty Coach for An Improv Mindset in the Workspace. As a Certified Coach, I have been trained by BJ Fogg and Linda Fogg-Phillips as part of the Tiny Habit Masterclass. Introduce Yourself Coaches recently virtually introduced themselves, prompted by six questions. 1) Where do you live? 2) Why did you become a … More Connecting – Tiny Habits® Certified Coaches

Listening – As Improvisers, As Workspace Colleagues

From Vince Vaughn’s quote (above image) about listening when improvising – unexpected information staying true to your character, who you are reacting honestly discovering a different direction – it is my observation (and experience) that these four things also happen to varying degrees in the workspace. In fact, here is Vaughn’s quote when replacing the words improvising with interacting … More Listening – As Improvisers, As Workspace Colleagues

Feedback – As Improvisers, As Workspace Colleagues

Much of improv continues to resonate for my behavior design endeavors, particularly toward applied improv and developing an improv mindset in the workspace. Workspace interactions are not too different from the relationship-based interactions between two improvisors performing a scene. About this post. This post is about a recent improv-based blog post at Improv Nonsense (by Will Hines). A … More Feedback – As Improvisers, As Workspace Colleagues