Share – Catch and Release Knowledge

The multiple pieces of information that we capture and share can increase the frequency of serendipitous connections, especially across organizations and disciplines where real innovation happens. –  Harold Jarche Thanks to colleague Jeff Miller for introducing me to the work of Harold Jarche. Jarche’s PKM (Personal Knowledge Mastery) process and Seek, Sense, Share framework generally … More Share – Catch and Release Knowledge

Anchor – Calendar Clean-Up Welcomes Uncertainty

Who doesn’t read Brain Pickings? (I am assuming  you do. If you do not read Brain Pickings, choose to do so – it is always worth the read and your time.) What motivates our investment in goals and planning for the future, much of the time, isn’t any sober recognition of the virtues of preparation and looking … More Anchor – Calendar Clean-Up Welcomes Uncertainty

Speak – Overheard Honesty (I Think)

PLUS Five Points for Honesty Yes, it’s true. I overheard “I’ll be open and honest with you but not right now.” My immediate reaction? A little giggle, a raised eyebrow, and a bit of disbelief. Hmmm … At least this is an open statement, right? Bravo for not whispering. It’s worth something. Action-oriented. Clear expectations. It fits … More Speak – Overheard Honesty (I Think)

Find – Hashtag Anthrocubeology

#appliedimprov #servantleader #behaviordesign  These are the three areas that frame the context for anthrocubeology. #cubeopolis This is an anthrocubeologist’s muse. #anthrocubeology Observations, perspectives, and stories discovered and explored include – interactions workspaces choices APPLIED IMPROV – or applied improvisation – is the  use of improv exercises, activities, and skills in non-performance settings. SERVANT LEADERSHIP – the … More Find – Hashtag Anthrocubeology