Mapped – Improv Periodic Table Inspiration

Thank you @DaveMorrisIsA The Anthrocubeologist in me very much appreciates The Periodic Table of Improvisation over here (and presented below) that Dave Morris created. Having received my Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and pursuing anthrocubeology endeavors inspired by improv, this table makes me smile (even with the memory of my 2.383 GPA). I appreciate … More Mapped – Improv Periodic Table Inspiration

Hello – Anthrocubeologist on Stage

One September Sunday afternoon, an Anthrocubeologist came out to a crowd. As one of my more memorable life’s moments, I took a leap of faith to propose my open space topic on anthrocubeology. In less than two minutes, I explained (exceptionally nervously) my not-yet-fully-formulated anthrocubeology, asked the audience to indulge in my taking their picture, … More Hello – Anthrocubeologist on Stage

Pieces – Anthrocubeologist Deconstructed

I realize my small back-story on becoming an anthrocubeologist has several elements that have contributed and are contributing to my pursuing anthrocubeology, my interest in interactions, workspace, and choices. Upon deconstructing on becoming and on being, upcoming posts will touch upon – the space that one’s position occupies in the general public or community (WORKSPACE) embracing … More Pieces – Anthrocubeologist Deconstructed