Reboot – Writing

PROMPT. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it? *   Somewhat similar to year 2010 – SHINY PENNY – just somewhat differently defined this time around. In short, distractions, poor daily planning, and lack of accountability have contributed to my not writing. This post is part of Reverb – … More Reboot – Writing

Meet – Hey Buddy, Let’s 3-3- … What!?

Actually, it is 3-3-What-What-1-2 – an accountability buddy process that was born from a mix of the Franklin Covey Seven Habits described on wiki over here, David Allen’s Getting Things Done or GTD described on wikisummaries over here, and a person’s own self-designed time and project management approaches. This post shares an approach my friends … More Meet – Hey Buddy, Let’s 3-3- … What!?

Share – Catch and Release Knowledge

The multiple pieces of information that we capture and share can increase the frequency of serendipitous connections, especially across organizations and disciplines where real innovation happens. –  Harold Jarche Thanks to colleague Jeff Miller for introducing me to the work of Harold Jarche. Jarche’s PKM (Personal Knowledge Mastery) process and Seek, Sense, Share framework generally … More Share – Catch and Release Knowledge

Camp – Boot Camp’d Anthrocubeologist

In June 2012 @BJFogg hosted his two day Behavior Design Boot Camp for ten people from around the world. This anthrocubeologist was one of them. Graduating from Fogg’s boot camp means not only being prepared to apply the skills and insights shared and learned about behavior design but also seeing the world differently – very differently. It means beginning … More Camp – Boot Camp’d Anthrocubeologist

First – Better Behaving Anthrocubeologist

It has been a long time coming. This is my first post on anthrocubeology, along with the first few pages – about anthrocubeology, a few acknowledgments (so far), and about jengyee, for whom incubeator (still a work in progress) is dedicated. (woo-hoo) This post also marks the end of my “painful” behavior change, inspired by … More First – Better Behaving Anthrocubeologist